Predecessor of the project was project „Welness – Skills for True Wellbeing

LLP Programme 2007-2013, Grundtvig.

2012 call for proposals.

Project title: Skills for True Wellbeing (acronym WELNESS).

Duration: 24 months → 01/10/12 – 01/10/2014.

Area: adult education (adult learners and professionals of adult education).


  • West university of Timisoara (Romania) – applicant.
  • Akademia humanistyczno-ekonomiczna w Łodzi (Poland).
  • Health Psychology Management Organisation Services (UK).
  • Razvojno izobraževalni center Novo mesto (Slovenia).
  • Promimpresa srl (Italy).
  • ShipCon Limassol Ltd. (Cyprus).
  • FormAzione Co&So Network (Italy).

Starting point:

  • Inspiration by working experiences of the partners with PROFESSIONALS of adult education sector and LEARNERS;
  • TEACHERS & STAFF: stressed, overwhelmed by challenges of professional and personal life, absenteeism of staff, burn-out syndrome, decreased motivation, creativity drop, frustration;
  • NEEDS: physical, emotional, mental and social health, sustain your own wellbeing.

Aims and objectives:

  • to examine need of professionals of adult education.
  • to examine need of adult learners.
  • to spread the awareness of wellbeing is necessary.
  • to empower adult education staff and learners.
  • to provide tools.
  • to increase job satisfaction, work engagement, prevent burn out syndrom.
  • to enhance teaching and learning ability of TGs.
  • to develop measurable indicators of wellbeing.


  • cross national needs analysis.
  • investigation of key skills.
  • design & test of the first version of workshops.
  • monitoring and evaluation of the courses and training materials.
  • the final version of tools.
  • dissemination and exploitation of results.


  • Transnational wellbeing analysis conducted among 140 adult education professionals and 350 adult learners.
  • Seminars for adult education professionals have been designed:
    1.  stress & health;
    2. communication & relationships;
    3. effective teaching methods.
  • Workshops for adult learners have been designed:
    1. stress & health;
    2. communication & relationships;
    3. self-esteem and self-presentation.
  • 2 pilots workshops and 2 pilots seminars in each country (14 pilot workshops and 14 seminars);
  • Guidebook (with instruments, tools, games, techniques, exercises…).


Domains of wellbeing:

Starting point for Wellness2:

What about the environment? Is it important for wellbeing (because in Wellness1 analised individual wellbeing)?

Is it possible to create an evaluation scheme? If yes, just for physical or also for virtual environment?
Is it possible to incorporate tools in a protocol?

.. And to test Protocol  from pilot to extensive testing phase

How to certify trainers that apply “the wellness model”?