The Map of Wellbeing in the field of Adult Education is a solid desk research that aims to illustrate a ground-breaking strategy based on comparative data by the staff of the project in every partner organization.

Each partner gathered relevant information through literature review, focus groups and from examining a variety of sources related to wellbeing in education. The objective of this strategy is to familiarize the partners with the current situation describing facts, approaches and methods that embraces educational wellbeing in their country in adult education.

The term wellbeing is a social construct. It brings together economic, social, environmental, democratic, and personal outcomes. Thus, the meaning of wellbeing is not fixed, it is a primary cultural judgement, which provides a way to understand what’s needed and how best we can all work together to improve our lives in a complex world. It may also include other things, such as how satisfied people are with their life a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel. This comparative research aims to explore the concept of well-being, particularly in adult education.

Wellbeing in general relates to job satisfaction and learning in different ways. The main source of information is online materials gathered from academic sources and educational articles. Different cases were identified and compared in each country aiming to investigate the methods of imposing wellbeing in education.