Introduction to Training Modules

The Wellness2 training tools are aimed at adult trainers, adult learners and managerial or administrative staff involved in adult education. The modules are based on the Map of Wellbeing in Adult Education and will help you create and enjoy a well-being learning environment.

The main results show that the state of wellbeing for the purposes of this project is a reflection of the quality of adult education. How trainers see and feel, in which ways learners learn more effectively, and how the staff in education can do their job better are only some of the factors that come up as, a result of emotional psychological and spiritual wellbeing. It is notable that the results of examining different procedures in the five partner countries has shown us that there are different practices when it comes to wellness.

From these differences, however, it was possible to find common agreement on the elements that can allow a transfer of skills to the target groups. The partners agreed on the definition of 5 modules that will allow a transfer of skills to trainers who deal with adult education; and these skills will be shared by the trainers with the administrative staff.


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