The Protocol’s objectives

In establishing policies that safeguard and proactively support the wellbeing learning environment, Wellness2 Competence validation Framework aims to:

  • creating a specific and clear validation and certification path of the skills, testing new approaches to developing and assessing competences;
  • providing a source of inspiration and a reference document for national and international Adult Education Providers. Further, this competence model supports trainers, adult educators, members of the staff of Training Provider in assessing their own competences. This in turn helps them identify areas where they need further training;
  • helping institutional stakeholders determine a wellbeing learning environment and the recognition of its dimension in the training sector;
  • Identifying and describing trainers/educators and adult education providers’ staff members competences better, this will help improve the image and recognition of the importance of a wellbeing learning environment. At the same time, we have developed strategies, tools and educational materials that will make this more effective.

The Wellness2 Competence validation Protocol focuses on competencies identified from the project Partner Organizations and needed to prepare, implement and evaluate learning pathways for trainers/adult educators and adult education providers’ staff members to foster the wellbeing during the teaching training activity. It is not meant to be seen as a “must-have’ list of competencies.

However, it includes a number of desirable competencies and behaviours that reflect healthy underlying attitudes. This is a basic model, and it is not exhaustive, it’s not set in stone, but should serve as a dynamic framework that will keep on evolving.